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A solution for our sea

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Road to Dubai

What is Hydrocarbot

Hydrocarbot is a robot that clean, through a special sponge, the water from hydrocarbours.

Our robot is made, for now, with two PVC's tubes for the floating, over it there is a case that hosts the electronic: 12V battery - 12V-220V inverter for the water pump that is in a frontal position placed flush with the water, and the receiver for DC motors.
These are placed on the back with an angle that allows even very tight turns.
The battery is recharged with a solar panel placed over the case.

In future we want to upgrade our project, thanks to the prize we won at the Italian Robotics Olympics, modifying floating and movement methods. Furthermore we want to add a GPS system for the positioning and an autonomous moving in the zone that we want to clean.

After winning the Italian Robotics Olympics we decided to carry out the project and now we are looking for funds to finish it.

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Who we are

We are 4 guys from Liceti High School of Rapallo (GE).
-Giorgio Bernardini
-Alberto Conte
-Luca De Ponti
-Tommaso Pavletic
We took part and won Robotics Olympics 2019 in Water category with our project Hydrocarbot.



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The story of Hydrocarbot

On the 29th of October 2018 Rapallo's harbour and all the ships and the boats that it contained had ben destroyed beacause of a violent night storm.
Unfortunately tons of oil in the sea have been poured in the sea too.

Hydrocarbours pollution exists and increases every year in all over the world. This time the damage was so close to us that gave us the input to find a concrete solution.

At the end of March 2019 we won the Robotics Olympics 2019!
Now we are part of the National Team that will represent Italy at the FIRST Global Challenge in Dubai from the 24th to the 27th of October and to partecipate we need as much supporters as we can.
If you want to help us:

this is our Paypal account liceti

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